Must Watch: Under the Armour

by Sam Martin

My good friend, great basketball mind, and general possessor of good taste Andrew introduced me to this “Under the Armour” video series. It’s a really cool, 24/7-ish web series that follows Brandon Jennings, a rising young point guard on the Milwaukee Bucks. The second season is underway, but I’m still working my way through the first.

This one is great . He shows his All Star Weekend training routine. Watching NBA players workout is like porn to me.

My favorite, though, is the first video in the series. It features BJennings in the offseason: chilling with friends in LA, going to the Elite 24 game at Venice Beach (with a Kevin Durant cameo!), and my favorite scene: doing some hill sprints(!) with his trainer and chef(!) at what appears to be Runyon Canyon (skip to 1:51):

We’re all just trying to get it in, chef. Every day.

You can watch the rest of the series on BJennings’ youtube channel. This year’s UA Elite 24 is this weekend at Venice Beach, with the dunk contest on Friday at 4 pm and the game on Saturday at 4 pm. Regrettably, 5’6″ phenom Aquille Carr is apparently not a good boyfriend, and won’t be making the trip. Still, Andrew, Dray and I will be there–come find us and say hi!