Your Handstand is Bullshit

by Sam Martin

It’s OK, so is mine. So is everyone’s that you know.

CrossFitters love to use a weird possessive voice when talking about skills.

“Do you have muscle ups yet?”

“I got my first double unders today!”

“How many handstand pushups do you have?”

The thing is, you don’t “have” anything. You may have shown the ability to do something, or performed a certain number of reps one time, or whatever. And that’s fantastic! You should feel amazing.

But for some reason, we like to use that possessive. “I have _____!” As though the box is checked, now move on to the next thing.

The thing is, you don’t have it. And you never will. You may have the best handstand at your entire gym. But you actually suck at handstands. If you “had” handstands, you could do this:

It’s not just handstands. Your jump shot also sucks:

Skills are NEVER completed. You’ll never “have” anything, but you will continue to learn new skills and more finely hone the ones you’ve learned. Everything is one long, never-ending progression to amazing performance. Steph Curry hits the layups first, then moves out for jumpers, then threes, then the longer ones.

Train the fundamentals. Practice. And enjoy the process, because there’s no end in sight.